About Us - JCS Heritage

                                                                                    The JCS Philosophy

The power of a great piece of art is that it enthralls, captivates, creates envy, and is the focus of conversations. Arvind Katrela expresses his love for art and creativity through jewelry. He comes from a long line of jewelers with an intuitive understanding of his customer’s desire for stunning jewelry which he then translates into unique pieces chiseled in platinum, gold, and silver, embellished with diamonds and precious stones.

JCS brings the discerning customer a unique combination of the traditional jewelry heritage of India with contemporary design aesthetics. Each piece of the collections speaks for its outstanding craftsmanship, making it an heirloom piece. Such pieces are guaranteed to move the wearer on
an emotional level.

Welcome to the world of JCS where jewelry meets history, and unique meets beauty. The definition of fashion is constantly evolving and every year there are new original ideas that jewelers embody in their masterpieces. We value the skill of craftsmen who combine the beauty of our traditions with the elegance of contemporary aesthetics to create stunning masterpieces. These timeless creations and designs reflect the history, tradition, and passion for the ‘unique’ that embraces and accentuates the beauty and personality of the woman who wears them. JCS curates these masterpieces, especially for our discerning customers.

The JCS Journey

Born from a passion for unique and exquisite jewelry is Arvind Katrela’s brand JCS Jewel Creation that opened its doors in 2013. He was the first to explore the opportunities in the direct retail segment. The brand has developed from strength to strength and registered a phenomenal growth of fifty percent in
just the last four years. Brand awareness has been built through strategic campaigns in social media, advertisements in magazines, in addition to outdoor media.

However, our strongest spokespersons are our customers, who are loyal to our limited edition jewelry, whether they buy it at our exclusive boutique showroom in Chennai or at special exhibitions in their cities.

Visit our boutique in Chennai to see our extensive collection of gold, diamond, and platinum jewelry, exquisite gifts, and silver articles. Our trained and experienced staff will meet you on arrival to guide and support, as you select from our exquisite and timeless masterpieces.


Ensure that JCS Jewel Creations becomes synonymous with jewelry for special occasions. Our aim is that the JCS brand is identified for its exclusive designs, outstanding product quality, and unrivaled customer service, thus making it a go-to brand for our customers for all their jewelry requirements.


JCS aims to be the Jewellery brand for South India by expanding with more exclusive stores to reach discerning customers, across demographics, who value design and quality.