About JCS

Hailing from a long line of jewellery families in India, Arvind Katrela was the first to explore the opportunities in the direct retail segment of the industry with a vision of creating an identity for his brand and himself in a market that already boasts long-standing names.

JCS Jewel Creations, his brain child, was born in 2013 and has grown by over fifty percent in four years.

Today, the brand is visible all across the city from large malls to magazines; newspapers to small bags. JCS is now an established player in the market growing steadily every year. He strives to create a unique experience out of jewellery shopping with the idea of expanding into experiential product consulting,
“Customers should have a feeling of buying something unique while also feeling that it forms a part of themselves.”

The future of JCS is the brand’s expansion across South India catering to various demographics, “JCS should be remembered at the time of a family occasion and our designs form an integral part of creating identity.” So explore some of our latest gold jewellery designs, and also for platinum, silver and diamond jewellery designs here. Please drop by to our store to buy your favourite ornaments for every occasion of your choice.